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Eliminator Line

The Eliminator line is our group of all-purpose sport orthotics. JSB’s system of varying material thickness based on patient’s weight, activity and physiology, assures your patient both maximum orthotic performance and optimum fit. The line includes our Eliminator I, II, III & IV models.
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Action-Flex products are designed for patients unable to tolerate the rigidity of traditional sport orthotics. The Action-Flex line offers moderate control by incorporating a thinner, more flexible module based on patient’s weight. The line includes Action-Flex I, II & III models.
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Dress/Graphite Options

Graphite orthotics are best suited for patients requiring maximum control with less bulk than traditional sport devices. We recommend the TL-2100 material for your patients involved in high stress/low impact activities. These products are available in several flexibilities based on patient weight, age and activity. The line includes our Fashion Step I & II, Execu-step, Eliminator 2100 & Eliminator 2100 models.
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Foot problems can be easily treated in younger children. We offer a full line for the developing foot that we will design to the right modality for your pediatric patient, based on age and activity.
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At JSB we specialize in the fabrication of accommodative orthotics for both the insensitive and sensitive foot. When possible, we strongly recommend sending shoe or removable inlays when ordering these types of orthotics. Shoe(s) must be sent with all orders requiring amputee fills. The line includes our Soft-Step, Soft Mold & C+L Mold models.
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The engineered concept is a unique and innovative process made possible by CAD/CAM technology. This process produces the most economical modality for mild to moderate biomechanical deficiencies. All standard additions and accommodations can be added to these devices with the exception of medial/lateral flanges, lateral clips, deep heel cups and Morton’s extensions in shell.
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